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Diana of the Lake (#4703)

Owner: 0x4D9d…5fDb

The full chronicles of Diana are recorded regularly on her twitter

You see, Diana has been cursed. Any time she is near still water, she can hear whispers coming through from the voices on the other side.

Help guide Diana as she listens through the water and tries to understand the rambled of crypto twitter. What stories are in front of her? Will she find the Order of the Eternal Rose? Can the Enchanted Garden be kept safe?

With your help, we can do it together! If you would like to join the Order and get posting privilege's on the Mirror page, please message Diana on Twitter!

Diana's Affliction

Diana knelt by the lake, filling her waterskin. The morning was cool and crisp, summer was all but gone and the chill grip of autumn was coming.

She had been travelling for days. Wandering, somewhat aimlessly. She was searching, hunting but for what, she did not know.

“Time to get moving” whispered the voices. Chuckling, she picked herself up from beside the waters edge and the poked back,

“Yea, I know, I’m going.” It had been over a week now she was hearing the whispers. Calling to her from the waters edge. Friend or foe, kindness or kniving, she did not yet know. “Who are you? Really? Where do you speak to me from?”

The whispers came through quiet and clear, “We come through your mind, from another world. Our space is called ‘Crypto Twitter’.”

Diana looked doubtful. “Crypto Twitter? That sounds like some kind of blue mage contraption.. Or a yellow wizard dance move. I doubt it’s a real place. Probably doesn’t exist.” Ignoring the voices in her head she travelled on.

The voices had reinforced this idea that perhaps the myths and legends about the Enchanted Garden are in fact real. A place where the sick are healed, and legends begin. If there was a cure for this ‘crypto twitter’ in her brain, the Enchanted Garden would help her.

If only she could find it!

The Enchanted Garden only reveals itself to those who seek it in earnest and seek to make the garden a better place. Or so the legend goes… hard to imagine some kind of disappearing garden. That’s just nonsense.

The Eternal Rose has been in Diana’s life since she was a girl. Her family had always treasured it, although she never got an honest tale explaining exactly where it had come from. The day the Zombie King destroyed her town, her mother had told her that this Eternal Rose would keep her safe and guide her way.

Now, lost in woods near Fur Gnome Wold, Diana had no clue what to expect next… Hopefully the whispers and voices from ‘Crypto Twitter' would guide her in her quest from here on, offering support, guidance and fun.

“Please Crypto-tweetians, stay with me and guide me on my path. Help me find others who hold the Eternal Rose close to their heart and assist me in my quest to find the Enchanted Garden.”

Entered by: 0x4D9d…5fDb and preserved on chain (see transaction)