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Battle Mage Darick of the Grotto (#4896)

Owner: 0x65eE…101A

Lore of Darick - Chapter I

As the earliest moments of light appear and push the darkness of night across the horizon,
a new day emerges. A multitude of birds of all color and size gladly inhabit this sanctuary
of lush forest, crystal clear streams and dense green vegetation. Dew rests upon most things
above ground at this hour giving a delightful glistening as the morning sun shines through
any opening in the vast canopy of green that rests high above the well-nourished forest floor.

One peculiar rabbit emerges from behind a tall ancient-looking ash tree walking along on
two feet with an occasional hop or leap in whatever direction might feel comfortable at the
time. Far below this place of unending natural beauty and splendor there lies a vast connection
of cavernous tunnels wandering throughout the limestone, granite, and marble below. Within a
comfortable grotto near the surface of this mystical place, sits a wizard who possesses such
unique knowledge and power over energy and matter that the wonder and beauty of life is but
a toy or paintbrush to him.

Recognizing himself for what he truly is, he uses his skill to take many forms and being
an ornery wizard is often causing mischief in this manner. Being also a uniquely creative
wizard, with a colorful character and bright red beard, found with an eye always protecting
the Forgotten Forest it’s really no surprise his nickname is Wild Red. Darick enjoys travel,
creating new things or as he calls it "mix and distribute." also colloborating and social
events with other wizards and has quite a passion for the Wizard Arts and playful things.
He is quite proud of a rhyme called "The Wizard's Hat" that came to be while working with
his friends Wizard #6154 and Wizard #8221. Go check it out!

Darick very much likes to spend time sitting, pondering the concepts that pass through his
mind and playing with them. Visualizing is one of Darick's favorite things to do. Athough
he can be a misfit at times causing mayhem on the physical plane for fun, if you happen to
be in the Forgotten Forest you are most likely to encounter him in physical form as Battle
Mage Darick of the Grotto. Though one or two might on a rare occasion, if he's feeling kind
of spry and had a couple pints, run into him hopping maybe stumbling along in the form of
his familiar, the shape-shifting rabbit named MehsterBrown.

Though fascinating, mystical, and adventurous these two creatures do appear it is that tall
ancient tree in the Forgotten Forest they guard that contributes tales of much wonder.
Within it there at times rests a spirit, immutable, unique, everlasting, and of even
greater power. For this spirit called Draoi protects inside that tree the Sacred Tome
of Unremembered Knowledge.
And soon another day will break the horizon...

Entered by: 0x12C4…ddBd and preserved on chain (see transaction)