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Enchanter Willow of the Plains (#6333)

Owner: 0x6510…188d

The Lore of Enchanter Willow of the Plains


In the Plains, sharp observation and firm judgement are required. Choices do not come easy and sympathy is a rare commodity in those parts of the Runiverse. But even in a tough environment, beautiful things can grow and even thrive. It is easy to overlook certain parts of the Plains. This is where the story of Willow, a young Huntress, begins.

Willow was born on a small piece of land with little beginnings. She grew up with her mother, aunts and nieces. There was not necessarily much to go around, but they all made ends meet. Willow had strong senses, a pure heart and an enchanting appearance. Her family all loved her and their bond was strong. It was evident, even at an early age, that Willow had a special gift. She glowed. Her radiance was like verdant pines, blue skies, and cool breezes. People were captivated by her. When she touched their lives, they were forever changed.

Her family's love made her childhood carefree. She was harbored from the cold places of the Plains and had no idea what was beyond. The days were long and joyful during which she helped her mother and aunts with choirs. At nightfall she studied under a bed of candles. Although the peaceful times were ideal for a young girl, lessons often need to be learned in difficult times. So, almost as if the wheel of time demanded it, tragedy struck.

One morning while Willow was playing outside, she was bit by a green asp. The green asp is a snake with potent venom. It was used in some parts of the Runiverse to punish criminals. A bite from this snake can be extremely dangerous for children. Just moments after Willow was bit, she fell to the ground. Her condition was bad while the fever raged through her body and mind. Aunts and nieces alternated shifts to cool down her body and hydrate it. Meanwhile, Willow's mind went delusional.Long days and nights passed, all the while Willow’s health was on a thin thread.

Her body was not capable of ridding the poison. It was young and fragile. She was battling with her mind in turmoil. Her mother and aunts were losing hope as the fever ravaged her. Candles were lit, prayers were sung. Then, against all odds, she began to recover. Her affinity began to embrace the poison and her health gradually improved. At first, everyone was cautiously optimistic, but soon after everyone was amazed at her recovery. Her mother cried of relief. A young girl’s gift managed to absorb the poison from a deadly snake.

Things went back to normal, at least for a while. Once again, Willow played outside with friends and days were filled with love and joy. However, at night, she experienced vivid dreams. Visions came. Uncontrollable visions. She saw kingdoms grow en perish. Flames. Souls. Magic. Dreams like these were not meant for a little girl. They made no sense. She tried fighting the sleep and the dreams, but it didn't last. The body and mind eventually need sleep. Her visions became a part of her.

Willow was growing stronger, wiser, and older. She knew it was time to move on, she had seen it.

Entered by: 0x6924…2dB4 and preserved on chain (see transaction)