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Archmagus Ravana of the Light (#638)

Owner: 0x4463…5e56

The first known sighting of Archmagus Ravana of the Blue Light

The wooden double doors of Two Crows’ Bazaar blew open as a gust of wind and a blue aura flooded into the store.

Wizard #2724, aka Corvin the Collector, aka the Forever Bird, and his crackerjack friend, Cash looked into the light. The hue was not a bright blue that would blind you, but a warm blue that relaxes you. Like a melody, for your eyes.

Archmagus Ravana’s silhouette appeared next in the doorway, Above him, the infamous Two Crows horseshoe started humming louder.

Rumor has it that the horseshoe hums louder for those with true intent in their hearts, though it does not distinguish between malicious and pure intents…

“Greetings friend”

Ravan’s voice is angelic and he almost sings rather than speaks words. His face rests in a soft smile. It's easy to look at his face and want to trust him. But everyone knows that in the Frog master’s marsh, its best to always remain alert and suspicious.

CAAAW-- Welcome to Two Crows, What do you seek”?

Ravana then made a request that left an impression on Corvin’s mind for quite some time. It was a strange request, but there are always strange things going down in the Bazaar that has traveled up and down the Runiverse to strange places.

Ravana asked for all four Cockatrice eggs that Corvin had in stock. The sale of four Cockatrice eggs would be a large windfall for the Bazaar, as they are extremely coveted in the capital city by aristocrats who enjoy eating them as delicacy or baking and turning them into artwork to display in their greeting halls.

Usually, Corvin is lucky to sell one of these eggs a month. Not only do they cost a pretty penny, but also they give off a slightly acidic stench and are plain to look at. They are not eye-catching like the World Eggs. They are more pedestrian looking. Usually the buyer is another merchant looking to sell them higher in the city...but Ravana does not look like a merchant.

What are Ravana's intentions?

Ravana reminds Corvin of an old tale he once heard, a tale about a cult of cockatrice worshippers who protected the holy breeding ground of the legendary Triple Crowned Cockatrice. This cult is supposedly based in the Valley of the Void Disciple, a harsh land uninhabitable for most wizards.

Legend has it that this cult’s main mission was to safeguard the highly coveted eggs of the Cockatrice from sleazy merchants and thieves. The cult practiced highly potent magic to subdue and sometimes assassinate “egg thieves”. But Corvin had never met anyone who could confirm the cult's existence.

Corvin glanced over Ravana again. He didn’t look dangerous and he wasn’t armed. Perhaps he could cast powerful spells? The blue aura around Ravana was pretty strange, on second thought. No matter, a sale is a sale!

“Thank you friend”

Entered by: 0x4463…5e56 and preserved on chain (see transaction)