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Illusionist Uvlius of the Belfry (#6730)

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Chapter: Sharon’s Syrup

"It's just simple tree sap," he muttered to himself, scratching his head in confusion. "I've studied it extensively but I couldn't find anything remarkable about it."

Suddenly, the silence of the library was disrupted by the creaking of the large oak doors. A figure stepped into the warm glow of the magic lanterns, her silhouette tall and imposing. It was Warrior #8489, a woodland ranger from a far-off land. She had a knowing smile on her face as she approached Uvlius.

Uvlius looked up from his study, surprised. "Sharon, what brings you to the Atheneum at this hour?"

Sharon placed a gloved hand on the table and leaned in, her gaze fixed on the jar of sap. "Ah, I see you have what I'm looking for." She reached out and picked up the jar, holding it up to the light. "Not everything in the Runiverse has magic for you to puzzle through, old one," she remarked, a teasing glint in her eye.

Uvlius looked taken aback. "But it's my job to study magic. What else is there?"

Sharon laughed softly. "From sap like this, I'll make a special syrup known in my home land of the before times as 'Maple Syrup.' While tasty, you should know that the mechaponies of Blacksand love a good treat… and no treat is as sweet as maple syrup."

Uvlius blinked in surprise. "Maple syrup? Mechaponies? This is all new to me."

Sharon placed the jar in her satchel and patted Uvlius on the shoulder. "You keep studying there, old one. You've got much to learn still about the nature of this land. If you listen to the forest, she has lots to teach you."

With a wave of her hand and a rustle of her cloak, Sharon turned to leave. But not before she gave Uvlius a playful wink. "And remember, Uvlius, not everything that glitters is magic."

Uvlius could only watch in puzzlement as Sharon disappeared into the night, leaving him with the new information about the jar of sap, a head full of questions, and a newfound sense of wonder. He picked up his quill and began to write, "Maple Syrup, a sweet treat loved by mechaponies..."

And so, another night passed in the Runiverse. Another night of discoveries, of shared stories, and a reminder for the Chronicle that there was still so much to learn in this magical world. And for Uvlius, that was the most exciting part of it all.

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Chapter 7 : The Key and the Controller

"Just leave it with me for a fortnight, such that I might work my incantations and learn of its mysteries. Please! I’ve wondered about it for so long!"

Illusionist Uvlius of the Belfry, known far and wide as The Chronicle, stared longingly at the golden key swaying from the belt of his old friend, Wizard #5630. His key was a marvel - a relic of a bygone era, shimmering with an otherworldly aura that hinted at its magical origins. It was said to unlock the gate to the seventh realm, a place of wonder and mystery.

Artificer Uday of the Oasis looked at Uvlius, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "You always did have a knack for the dramatic, Uvlius," he laughed, patting his belt where the key hung. "But this is no ordinary trinket that I can just leave behind."

Uday was a master craftsman, known for his ability to fashion the rarest and most unusual items. Today however, he needed Uvlius’s help finding an ancient relic from the before times: a peculiar handheld device with buttons and joysticks: a video game controller.

“Ahh yes, I’ve actually acquired one of those recently: An agent of the Character #4 brought me one but a few weeks ago, rumoured to have been found in an ancient sunken ship.” Flipping through his tome, Uvlius found the page on the video game controller. With a quick flick of his wand, the page hummed and glowed blue, then with an electrifying “crack” the controller teleported from the vault in the basement into Uvlius hand. He looked it over curiously. "And why would you want something like that?" Uvlius asked, eyeing the object with curiosity.

"Well, word is," Uday began, leaning in closer, "that there's a grand gladiator championship on the horizon. There are whispers that those who train with these sort of ... contraptions will have an advantage. I'm collecting the finest items to give my team an edge."

Uvlius couldn't help but chuckle. The idea of hardened warriors fumbling with a video game controller was amusing, to say the least. But if it was true, and this device did provide some sort of advantage... He found himself weighing his options.

"Alright, Uday," Uvlius finally said, trying to suppress his grin. "I'll do it. I'll let you borrow the controller. In return, I get to study your key for a fortnight."

With a chuckle, Uday shoot his head. “Dream on old friend… you still owe me from before, remember?” and with that, he pocketed the controller, patted the old wooden desk of the library, turned and walked for the door. “Remember: a promise is a promise!”

Ulvius swallowed the knot in his throat and didn’t speak a word as the Artificer walked out. A chill ran down his back as memories of the past flooded through him. “No time to dwell, lots of writing to do…” Uvlius busied himself tidying up trying to leave those memories behind..

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