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Ill Tales of the Mist

A once prosperous land full of beauty and grace

Withered when man dispensed toxins and waste

It slowly decayed when rivers polluted

The sky turned to gray; no sunlight protruded

Trees lost their leaves; few flowers did bloom

Now a desolate realm full of darkness and gloom

The poor stayed behind; the wealthy vacated

Once crops could not grow and fauna mutated

Infections ran rampant; their bodies reacted

The blood of the people turned radioactive

They grew sharp fangs, their skin stained green

They hid in the shadows to remain unseen

They feasted on beasts, mostly turkeys and boars

Most fought their urges, some hungered for more

The rivers ran red, then it started to flood

When Vamps left the Mist and hunted for blood

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Alchemist Hagatha of Arcadia (#6754)
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