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Sorcerer Salah of the Sacred Pillars (#6893)

Owner: 0xF628…9d9d

The Lore of Sorcerer Salah of the Sacred Pillars


"In every walk with nature, one recieves far more than he seeks."

-John Muir

Salah always believed that the most powerful magic could be observed in the natural world. A seed sprouting, a leaf unfolding, metamorphosis… These powerful cycles of life were overlooked by many, but not Salah. If plants could draw their power from the fiery ball in the sky, then surely Salah could manipulate the elements of the natural world as well. It was amongst the trees where Salah first learned of magic and spells. By the most unlikely of characters, a swamp bullfrog, Salah was guided to a seemingly dumb stick. Unbeknownst to him, this stick was exactly what he was looking for all along…

Entered by: 0xF628…9d9d and preserved on chain (see transaction)