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Magus Jahid of the Tower (#8424)

Owner: 0x5576…cfA7

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The Lore of Magus Jahid of the Tower

Title: A Brkfst of Dreams...

Written by: NARD

Artwork by: Ozzz

Featuring: Wizard #8424, Pony #8, Wizard #83, & Pony #51

A Brkfst of Dreams

On a path between The Secret Tower and Dream Master Lake

Scene 1

As the sun was setting in the pink sky behind The Secret Tower, Wizard #83 was deep in retelling his most recent adventure...

womp whiff wam bam

((ง’ω’)و三 ง’ω’)ڡ≡ ☆⌒ミ((x_x)

Exclaimed Wizard #83, re-enacting the entire fight sequence with a jelly donut in hand.

AAOT: “Dear friend, I wish you were there to see it - he didn't know what hit him! And then I picked him up by the cape and spell bound him to Pony #51. I told Marengo that we must return the One Who Slims to the Council of Ageless Ones at once! And that's how I came about this fancy silver medallion.”


beep beep - beep beep

a faint noise echoes through the air…


MJOT: “Oh that sounds epic! Marengo well done! I wish I could stay and hear more but I must get going. Pony #8 and I have a strict training regimen to keep to.”

AAOT: “Before you go, please take one for the road - gesturing to the plate of breakfast cucumdogs.”

MJOT and Dunny walked down the long and winding path towards the Secret Tower. Meanwhile, as AAOT was finishing his cup of coffee and reaching for another cucumdog, he saw that MJOT left behind a strange but alluring magical item. AAOT got up quickly to call out for MJOT and Dunny, but they were no where to be found, it was as if they had vanished without a trace.

Scene 2

MJOT: “Come Dunny, this way.”
As soon as they were out of sight from AAOT, MJOT led Dunny off the path.

MJOT: “Yes, this will do.”

MJOT closed his crystal blue eyes. When they opened again, a portal appeared before them that led to the space between the Runiverse and that of Dreams. They walked through the portal and came to the Corridor Unending.

MJOT: “Dunny you’ve done well today. Soon you will be able to open your own portals and travel to and from Dreams, but for now go and rest.”

Dunny trotted down the Corridor Unending and using his nose, opened a door which led back to the Runiverse. MJOT continued to walk the Corridor Unending until he stopped at the door he was looking for.

Scene 3

MJOT locked the door, making sure that no one saw or was following him. The room was dark and cold. He closed his eyes and when he opened them, lights beamed down onto dozens of glass pods lined up in a row through the middle of the room. MJOT walked slowly past the pods, inspecting each one. Finally coming to the last pod, MJOT looked down and grinned at what was before him. It was none other than AAOT, fully submerged in water, yet fast asleep.

MJOT: “Sweet dreams, Alessar”

Scene 4

AAOT mounts Marengo and begins to down a never-ending path towards the tower.


Entered by: 0x5576…cfA7 and preserved on chain (see transaction)