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Overheard conversation:

“Hey Hey, what’s happening?” All the mages seem to be rushing around looking for something.”

“Have you been living under a rock these last few days? Go check out the Royal Wizard Decree Board at the Runic Circle for all the details!”

“O Come on, just spill it and tell me the royal decree from the Wizards Council!”

“Well, basically someone messed up in the Royal Pet Sanctuary and all the Royal Light Bulb Frogs have escaped! There are some major rewards for the first 25 people that can provide the Wizards Council with the map locations of all the Light Bulb Frogs.”

“Wowsers! That is one big slip up in the Royal Pet Sanctuary!”

“But that also gives us a great opportunity to earn those big rewards!

“Wait wait….. how many Light Bulbs Frog are we talking about to locate?”

“There was not a total number provided but the word out on the street is that its about 100 frogs.”

“And they could be anywhere in the Runiverse???”

“Well…. The Light Bulb Frogs are amphibians and have been known to be long distance travelers. A few have already been reportedly spotted in the surrounding islands already.”

“I guess that is why the Wizards Council is seeking help from the Runiverse community to use their eyes AND ears!”

“Yeah, the Light Bulb Frogs have their signature croak that really helps to locate them. The fogginess at this time of the year really does not help spotting them.”

“So how many have you found?”

“Just about 27 frogs…. I have met others how have located more than 50 frogs already! I am far behind…. Hopefully the council will give some partial credit for all who help!”

“I am sure the council will. Maybe those who help will get some priority in the upcoming land sales they will be doing!”

“That will be great! I gotta go to find more of those frogs. So what are you going to do? Join the hunt or just skip it?”

“Hmmmm, I am going to be doing some travelling around a few cities anyways. I might just take some time to go hiking around the lands to look for a few!”

“Good luck then. You snooze you lose!”

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