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Prismatic Magi Braindraind (#9)

Owner: 0xC5fF…6a9c

The Lore of Prismatic Magi Braindraind

The Prismatic Magi BRAINDRAIND "The Illuminated" - tripping the void at whim with his faithful companion the dark matter eating mongrel Skramps.

The age of the Prismatic Magi is currently unknown. They say his life is eternal. Moving through space, he projects positive creative waves of crystal infused chromatic essence directly at budding astral bodies, elevating and accelerating the inhabitants' evolutionary path.

The mongrel he travels with is also a primary method of interdimensional travel, as the waste produced by Skramps' dark matter diet causes sudden rifts to tear open holes in the fabric of space; The Prismatic Magi uses these tears to wrap time around himself and travel across the multiiverse in an instant.

The Prismatic Magi utilizes the energy from passing Suns to maintain the flow of energetic power that radiates from his being.

Entered by: 0xC5fF…6a9c and preserved on chain (see transaction)