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A New Challenger Approaches!

Very few gaming projects have been able to stick it out in the space, even fewer with a functioning game. But, Nifty League, is one of those games and continues to deliver to their community of gamers and degens alike.

So, it was a no brainer when asked if we would like to enter the fray and have our IP within the action packed fighter game. Both our Wizard and Warrior collection is represented within their game!

Warrior Smash Pose1

Wizard Smash Pose1

Be careful, we hear the jelly donuts might explode on contact.

But they don’t plan to stop there, recently they have gone from 2D to 3D! They continue to build and make waves within the gaming space. You can follow and find tons of additional information on their Twitter and Website–they have a lot planned! 

Who knows, you may just see your wizard or warrior in the same format.

Doge 3D

3D Map

Something we strongly believe in at Magic Machine is the power of interoperability and where it will lead in the future. Being able to have your Wizard, Warrior, Soul, etc within these mediums helps create a special bond between projects and communities, plus, it is just plain good fun.



Community is a big thing for us! We see the strength of Nifty Leagues through their community engagement and tournaments; even going so far as to host a tournament for wizzies. Games of this nature can seem overwhelming to most, but is a lot easier when veterans and dev team help introduce the game in a fun format for all.


This combination not only enhances player experiences but also creates new opportunities for monetization, competitive events, and the growth of vibrant gaming ecosystems.

So, pick up a controller, download their client, hop in as your Wizard or Warrior and get to smashing the competition.

Commissions for Wizard Art

Our community has a vibrant culture of creating artwork from their Wizards. This document is a directory of folks who take commissions to create artwork of the Wizards