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Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult has Entered the 3rd Dimension

3D Wizards are NOW LIVE!

3d mm Team

We recreated our 10k pixelated Wizard collection into full 3D game ready rigs thus launching the first true fully game ready 3D collection. The Cult now has 10,000 playable, moldable, memable, whatever-you-wantable 3D models. We can't wait to see what you create.

How to download your 3d Wizard

Level Up your !lore

Embodying your wizard just became real. You can download your Wizard in a variety of formats: OBJ, FBX, VRM - which means you can drag and drop into software like Blender, Mixamo and OnCyber.

You can download + play with your Wizard here: DOWNLOAD YOUR 3D WIZARD

 3D head and body concepts

Level Up your !dimension

Our art team conceptualized, modeled, and rigged each of the 10k characters. Recreating 10k pixelated Wizards into 3D game-ready models was a complex voyage. Beginning with translating 2D pixel characters into polygonal ones, we underwent several stages, from artistic conception to technical application.

3d Concepts by Molly

Entrusting this transformation to our in-house artist @mollyismutz, each model had to strike a balance between aesthetic beauty and game engine optimization, ensuring they stayed within our polygon budget.

A Pose & T Pose

Master rigger @frogeater3D ensured each character was animated seamlessly. We designed these assets to be versatile, enabling them to function in a variety of third-party apps, meeting diverse technical requirements, whether it's @oncyber's T-Pose preference or @Nifty_Island's A-Pose.

3D Spells

Beyond the characters, we crafted items and spells to enhance the gaming experience. Read more about the process of recreating 10k pixelated Wizards into full 3D game ready rigs in our founder ElfJTrul's twitter thread linked here: 2d to 3d.

3d Wizards in Nifty Island

Summon your Wizard to the 3rd dimension

New open source 3D applications are launching everyday, and Wizards can jump right in. Our rigs are open source and can be deployed into any open source meta. Soon, you'll be able to play in the Nifty Island Arena, the first of an infinite set of player created games you can play on your island with your nfts.

OnCyber Secret Tower

Join us in our @oncyber space any time in: The Secret Tower

We're proud to release the entire 10k collection in 3D. This is an exponential vector for our project- as the metaverse is built out, our characters will be there, increasing their network effect and spreading !MAGIC

3d Dotta


The Guilds of Forgotten Runes

Guilds are functional subgroups within the Cult that collaborate to contribute in unique ways. Through the power of nimble, effective Guilds, the Wizards can combine their affinities for action and create magic for the community.