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Venture Forth, The Beacon Awaits

Dungeons and Wizards have gone hand in hand for years; we saw no reason to break that tradition, so we wanted to make sure we were involved with the well-developed F2P action roguelite RPG, “The Beacon.”


For those who don’t know what a roguelite is, we've got you. Roguelite games are where players typically navigate through a series of randomized levels of dungeons, battling enemies, collecting items, and acquiring new abilities or upgrades along the way. Each playthrough offers a unique experience due to the procedural generation, ensuring no two runs are exactly the same while having a sense of progression.

This is one of the genres we see doing well within the space and happy to support games that build within the genre.

The Beacon has provided their players not only a procedural dungeon experience, but a cozy comfy house to decorate and call home as you battle the evils that look to defeat you. Along your time in the game you will be rewarded with NFTs and other rewards that their team continues to pile in for their community. For more information about their latest builds, rewards, and more follow their Twitter and check out their website!


From the very beginning Forgotten Runes partnered with The Beacon to provide their community and ours with some cosmetic NFTs for holders. No one should venture into peril without a chimera by their side.

We like to talk about collaborative storytelling and world building at Forgotten Runes, and think this will provide the opportunity for such said collaboration through gamification. What is a few cosmetics now may just turn into some unique narratives, quests, and/or more down the road. From our world to theirs, we hope to captivate some players and keep them engaged within both communities.


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