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We are Warriors.

We have entered the Runiverse.

Traits of a Warrior

Anatomy of a Warrior

Unlike most NFT projects, our characters are not slapped together by a basic, randomization generator.

We use a feature called “affinity” that essentially gives every single NFT art direction. This results in characters that feel more cohesive and guided by a strong sense of narrative.

Forgotten Runes TV Show

This trailer, animated by Titmouse Studios in Los Angeles, is a sneak peek at our Forgotten Runes TV series, which is currently in development. The concept for the series was created by Magic Machine’s own Elf J Trul, and is being written by Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise.

This TV show represents a major milestone in Magic Machine’s plan to build Forgotten Runes into a global entertainment franchise.

This is but a mere glimpse into the show we hope to begin production in the coming months. A portion of the warrior mint will go towards helping us achieve this goal.

The Runiverse Game

As if a TV show wasn’t big enough, Magic Machine is also producing a Web3 metaverse video game called Forgotten Runiverse. Partnering with game studio Bisonic, this game will allow all Forgotten Runes holders to enter the Runiverse as their character NFT.

Pioneering a “Create-to-Earn” concept, the Runiverse will allow crafting, building, battling, and socializing with the Wizard and Warrior community. A Runiverse land sale will commence this summer. Find out more at

Warriors in the Metaverse

All Warrior NFTs come with FREE 2D and 3D versions. These assets are Web3 ready and playable in partner metaverses.


Every Warrior brings...

Runiverse Game
Animated 2D Walkcycles (Q4)
3D Models (Q4)
Commercial IP Rights
Attend Exclusive IRL NFTNYC Party
Book of Lore
Exclusive Discord Channels

Want a Warrior? Here's our mint

You can read more about the drop mechanics and tokenomics here at this blog post

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