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Fire Eye Iris of the Inifinite Nothing (#3802)

Owner: 0x75DD…E3b4

The Sacred Flame

The flames appeared, 1112 of them, suddenly one night... Their purpose was not immediately clear, but it was soon discerned that these mysterious blazes were a sacrament. And that Wizards who passed through the flame... were not so much transformed, but transmuted.

Some of these outcomes were anti-climactic. Some were of hideous, profane horror. And some were of supreme grandeur.

It was possible that this Sacred Flame did not burn at all, but was rather a catalyst to open a portal through the Quantum Shadow itself.

And the Quantum Shadow was the most unpredictable magic of all.

Archmagus Iris Of The Veil lacked neither courage nor vision. For the decision had already been made...

Entered by: 0x75DD…E3b4 and preserved on chain (see transaction)