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Channel 1 Poltergeist Horace of the Death Cloud (#3805)

Owner: 0x572D…5ED1

Channel 1 Poltergeist Horace of the Death Cloud

"...Just pretend like You understand what's going on..."

Upon having drunkenly stumbled through the Sacred Flame, Horace's Life was to flash before His intoxicated eyes. However, what He saw instead, were scenes from an obscure horror film He'd stumbled upon ages ago...

"...Don't be confused by a false sense of reality..."

By this point Horace felt, simultaneously, that not only was Heaven in His body, but that it was indeed about to explode...

Suddenly, everything went static.

Then, a few moments later, what could only be described as a most otherworldly laughter emitted from what was once Horace...

"...My Mind is no longer controlled by the limitations of The Body..."

He knew all too well the power of this newfound Death Cloud...

"...I know the secrets of The Flesh..."

...And soon the Others would too...

Entered by: 0x5ba8…803F and preserved on chain (see transaction)