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Part 2

Krafili walks in, wiping his fingers on his chest, and goes to the fireplace to stoke the fire. As he pokes the log with a poker, the kids gather around the chair and wait in anticipation.

"Did y'all thank grandma?" he asked the kids.

"Thank you grandma!" they say in unison.

Krafili sits back into his chair with a grunt and begins. "Well where was I? Oh yes, the castle. Well as I entered the castle there was a laugh coming from the throne and sitting at the seat was no other than………GRUGAL!"

He protrudes his jaw so his bottom teeth are sticking out, and lets out a sinister laugh. The lights in the room suddenly turn off, and the light from the fireplace twists Krafilis face into a menacing creature somewhat resembling a goblin.

The children scream and the lights come back on revealing grandma standing at the lights with a giant smile across her face.

Krafili and his wife burst out in laughter.

"Oh I'm so sorry dears! But it was grandpa's idea I promise!" Grandma says through chuckles.

"HA HA HA" Krafili’s booming laugh shakes the room. "Sorry, sorry, I just couldn't pass up on an opportunity to scare you a little. Now back to the story!”

“So there he was, sitting on the throne black eyes locked on my position watching my every move."

"Well, it looks like you handled the guards pretty easily." Krafili says in a low tone, trying to replicate Grugal’s voice. "Luckily I can find men who are just as weak as them pretty easily." He pulls out a dagger and starts to twirl it between his fingers. "So… to what do I owe the pleasure of having a kobold in my presence?"

Krafili turns his head, addressing the imagined Grugal for his rapt audience. "Well, I was just passing through for supplies and your men attacked me. I do apologize for the intrusion but I fear we are too far past apologies now," Krafili says, moving his hand so sits on the hilt of his remembered sword.

“Our eyes fixated on each other, tension growing in the air.”

Krafili's wife interrupts "Remember, honey, they are children. Let's keep it PG."

"Of course, of course," he replies, waving his hand at her.

"Anyway, I saw the goblin on the throne. Our, eyes fixated on each other, and Grugal began to rise from his throne and walk down the stone steps. His footsteps echoing in the empty chamber, he slowly made his way towards me.”

“‘Men are easily replaced for a price my friend. How much gold do you have on you?’ Grugal asked as he walked in front of me.

‘I have a few coin, but I need them for my travels,’ I answered.

‘Well, friend, you come into my castle, my domain, and slaughter my men, and don't have the decency to pay me for my troubles?’ Grugal said angrily.

‘To be fair, you would have been better off having a human guarding you, with how weak the goblins were,’ I replied, gripping my sword harder.

Suddenly Grugal broke out into laughter, slapping me on the back with his free hand and saying, ‘You are a very brave man to insult my men to my face. What is your name, adventurer?’

‘Krafili, and I assume you are Grugal, right?’ I said.

‘Yes, I see my name has spread across the land, well, I like your gull. I will let you leave with a warning, but, if you ever step foot in my presence again I will kill you,’ Grugal said as he raised his dagger towards me.

‘Very well, I am sorry for the intrusion, I will take my leave now,’ I said, bowing and turning around to leave.

I felt a sharp stab in my shoulder, he reached around, and pulled out the dagger Grugal had been holding seconds ago.

I unsheathed my sword and turned to face Grugal, sword pointing at his throat.

Grugal smiled, saying, ‘Never trust a goblin, you fool!’

A fierce battle broke out, swords clashing in the throne room, sparks filling the air. Night fell over the town as the blades of our two swords began to dull.”

"Did you show them the scar on your shoulder?" Krafili's wife asks, when she notices him beginning to turn pale while explaining the details of the battle.

"Oh, of course! Check this out, kids!" He pulls off his shirt to show everyone the scar of where the dagger entered his shoulder.

His wife smiles as the color starts to come back to his face and she squeezes his hand a little as a reminder that he's at home, not on the battlefield.

"Now, back to the battle! Do you have any idea who won?" he says to the kids.

"Did the goblin beat you, grandpa?" the kids ask.

"Of course not! After the sun had set, his sword began to fail slowly but surely—goblin steel is very easily broken during battle, if you can get a clean hit on it, they cut like butter." Krafil points to the small chip in the sword he initially told them about. "One clean hit."

“Grugal was a very fast goblin, and could parry my strong swings with ease. But I had the edge in stamina and as Grugal began to slow, I chose my swings precisely, aiming for one spot on Grugals sword.

I cocked back and with one final swing snapped Grugals sword in two.

Grugal fell to the stone floor and, out of breath, said, ‘Well, adventurer, it seems my time has come. My, oh my, I seem to have chosen the wrong kobold to attack. Krafili, slayer of bandits; your name runs through these towns far and wide. It is an honor to be finally slain by one as great as you,’ Grugal said as he closed his eyes.

The end." Krafilis says, sitting back.

"Wait, what happened next?!" the kids shout.

"Well, I picked him up off the ground and we shook hands and went our separate ways of course," Krafili says as he looks over at his wife and gives a little wink.

"I wanna learn that cool sword move that breaks other people's swords!" one of the kids says "Can you teach us, grandpa?"

"Of course I can, let me just grab the wooden swords from storage and I'll teach you all how to properly hold a sword," Krafili says excitedly.

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