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Everett Savior of the Coliseum

 The sun’s rays seep in through the cracks in the stone.  Everett can hear metal clashing from the current fight.  The Crowd erupts in cheers, Everett knows what this means.  After the cheer, there is a sudden silence.  The silence seems as if it lasts an eternity.  Suddenly a harmonious chant begins; “Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill!”.  The crowd has rendered their verdict and expect the winning gladiator to deliver.  The chant reaches a peak that shakes the foundation of the Coliseum, there is a pause and a sudden burst of cheer.  The Coliseum shakes and dust from the ceiling falls onto Everett’s armor.  

Everett carries mementos from some of his past opponents. The butterfly shield he took off Gorbis Deathspawn of the fog. The gold on the shield is scuffed and dirty. The blood stains look like rust on the shield. The armor he took from Gregory Emolator of the arena no longer shines, because of the dried blood and dust that has coated the armor like a second paint. Now, Sirus Destroyer of the Sanctum was a memorable opponent. Everett almost met his demise against Sirus. Everette still has a scar from the fight that somewhat resembles a trident. Sirus was his 99th opponent and brought a rage onto Everett that no one has before. Everett vividly remembers using a shield to put an end to Sirus. Everett now carries a very interesting souvenir from Sirus on the top of his spear and defeated countless opponents thereafter with it.

Everett stands ready at the gate into the arena. The gate starts to rise, and the crowd erupts as the announcer belts out, “Everett Savior of the Coliseum!”. Everett stares across the blood-stained sand of the coliseum and locks eyes with Jax Roaster of the Wood. Everett has heard whispers of a fire breathing contraption Jax has burned his enemies alive with. Everette wastes no time and charges at Jax, an enormous plume of fire explodes from the contraption, Everett dives to the side, he notices his leg was singed. A column of fire spews out towards him as if sweeping the arena. Everett manages to get up and take cover behind one of the arena pillars. The crowd starts to heckle but Everett will not let this pressure him into getting roasted alive. Everett dashes towards the next pillar to draw out the fire again, he figures Jaxx is no wizard and the contraption must be using some type of oil to breathe fire. Jax is taunting Everett, “Is the Savior of the Coliseum scared of a little flame?”, Jax yells and ends his taunt with a hearty laugh. The fire seems to be sputtering a bit, Jax yells profanities while slamming the side of the fire breathing stick. Everett takes this opportunity to charge at Jax, Everett is engulfed in flames and intense pain, but he thrusts his spear forward and up where he thinks Jax is. It feels like the stream of fire is infinite, but it finally stops and when the smoke clears, he sees he landed a fatal blow on Jax. Cheers bellow throughout the Coliseum, Everett drops to his knees in severe pain. The fire stick got his face, he can feel that the damage was bad. Everett rips Jax’s helmet off and puts it on while trying to hide the immense pain and walks out of the arena, as the crowd cheers and rains roses and coin on Everett.

Everett was promised freedom if he ever defeated 100 enemies in the Coliseum. The lanista recruited the finest doctors to help his most prized fighter heal. Everett could no longer sleep throughout the night. Ever since the fight, he would have recurring nightmares of a giant rattlesnake which whispered, “seek the white wizard across Elysium”. Every night the snake would visit him in his dreams and tell him to find the wizard. Everett had lost vision in his left eye from the fire. One night, Everett was visited again by the rattlesnake. This time the snake seemed much more aggressive than usual. The snake coiled up and lunged with its’ mouth open, a screech came from the pit of the snake, “Agur from the Silver tower”. Everett woke up in a panic, he then knew he would take his freedom and seek Agur across the Elysium fields, surely this Agur from the Silver Tower would have answers.

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Everett Savior of the Coliseum (#7754)
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