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Alchemist Impy of the Toadstools (#3209)

Owner: 0x14fC…cbbE

Impy and Aspy of the Toadstools

'Zip it, you're gonna wake up this smelly kobold...'

'No way, he's snoring like a gargantuan locomotive, and I've already put the 'shroom in his kool-aid. Let's go!' - said Aspy to Impy, when the two imps bumped into each other under the table, waking up warrior sleeping on the bench.

'Who the hell put this toadstool in my drink?!' - shouted Toka, kicking up the table, exposing the small imp twins.


Impy and Aspy haven't changed a lot since their childhood. Well, at least not on the inside. Their tricks and malpractices were annoying, but luckily nobody got really hurt when they were younger. Until they started experimenting more and more with magic. They wanted to sneak into the shop of delicacies in the neighborhood, to steal all the things an impling could imagine: candied snails, deep-fried cucumdogs, worms in duckweed coating... They were supposed to turn into snakes, and slither in unnoticed. But there's a reason every spellbook starts with a notice:

Never have two clumsy imps present during transmutation spells!

Actually they don't, but they definitely should. The shopkeeper learnt about what the imps were planning, and ambushed them right in the middle of the spell. The transmutation did happen, but in an unexpected way: there's an imp, and there's a snake, and there are two souls, but they share both bodies. And who's controlling which, that is up to luck, and fate to decide.

With all the misbehaving behind their backs, they decided to flee the Toadstools. During their journey they came by a small house, deep inside a forest. The name plate read Cabinet of Curiosities - could they find a better place for themselves? An elder wizard took them under his protection, giving a job and a home for the imps with the split conscious. Ever since Aspy and Impy are perfecting their craft, making potions and items for those who are desperate, or just up for some fun.

Entered by: 0x1282…d3a2 and preserved on chain (see transaction)