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Witch Tabitha of the Marsh (#6154)

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The awakening of Tabitha by the Bell

(featuring Wizard #6287 )

And Peter kneeled and started to pray and told everyone to kneel and pray with him. He spoke, directed to the heavenly father and his son and the holy ghost that this life was taken unjust. Together they chanted and sang the mystic songs of old that their fathers and forefathers had taught them. They sang for long hours until the sun was at its highest peak. And of a sudden, when the day was brightest, the room became mysteriously dark, the candles on the table were blown out by a strong wind that swirled through the room. Everyone was calm but would not stop their chant. And when glancing up onto Tabitha’s body a strange light started to emanate from inside her chest. A warm and powerful, yet soothing glow that brought warmth to the hearts of everyone in the room.

The door blasted open and filling the enclosure was a sudden ringing of a bell. The sound was from the voices of angels, and it rang from the handbell of an unbeknownst stranger that stood in the doorway against the bright light of the sunny day. The figure was silhouetted in a warm glow and was clothed in a green cape with a red hood. From within the hood only a pair of bright blue eyes could be seen. Piercing blue eyes. Such eyes few had seen in this region. Only the people of the north had such unnatural eyes. A murmur went through the crowd. „Look it is the Wazir of the east that came from the north! The one who rings the bell. The minister of the great one.

And the Wazir spoke:

Hear me, believers, and friends of Tabitha. Your prayers have been heard and life will be given again to the one who lies here before us. For her deeds in life were good and just and great and must not be forgotten. We will give her again breath and soul and heart. But as it is, one cannot return to the living without carrying a burden. Hear this: Tabitha will rise again and breathe and do the good deeds. But she will not come to rest again. When her time is come on earth in this age, she will be reborn as a healer, wise woman, and sorceress. And when her time has come in that age it will be so again and then again and over. She will be reborn. She will know something, and she will know nothing. She will be here and there. Even in the phantasy world of the worthy will she exist to do her good work long after the runes of the north with have been forgotten. Until which time the great one decides her work is done. This is what I say, and this is what is done.

There was a last ringing of the bell, a thunder, and a flash of light – and the figure was gone.

Everyone gasped with their mouths open when a soft, sleepy voice spoke from the center of the room: „What happened? Why is everyone here? Did someone die? Oh… Peter, my dear friend! It is wonderful to see you, but why do you all look so frightened and scared?

The light slowly returned back to the room and shone through Tabitha‘s hair that had a very light green shade to it, as did her skin. Barely noticeable. There was a rune on the door, the rune of steel and in the corner under the window, an albino rat peeked around a chest, blinking.

A little boy came in and said: „Hello, someone home? I have a delivery for Tabitha. It‘s a peyote!

(May 8th, 2022)


This is the last chapter of the full story how Tabitha came to be. For the full story go to How Tabitha came to be a powerful witch

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Tabitha and the Forgotten Orphanage

In the early twilight of that eventful day, wisps of mist rose through the meadows and willow branches. In the distance, only the peaks of the snow-capped mountains could be seen through the haze.

The little village on the edge of a sprawling and musty-smelling trout pond was a pitiful sight. Luck didn’t come here for a long time and it was to stay that way for a long time to come. It was enchanted and the remaining residents shuddered when they thought back to the events of the past few years.

First came the great plague, slow and creeping. No one realized the danger until it was too late. And then came death. And this small village was not the only one of its kind that fate had horribly afflicted. Many villages and entire towns and cities had fallen prey to the insidious disease.

It just sneaked up upon its victims and those initially thought they were only having a bad day. Some had a runny nose, others had a mild cough or a stabbing headache. But nothing too onerous. After a few days, sometimes weeks, things got better and people went back to their jobs. All well. Back to the fields, back to the forges and workshops. They met at markets and in taverns and had a good time. Drank beer from the mug and ate meat from the plate. Together, as if nothing happened.

But then, much later, out of nowhere and violently, it came back as if it had never left the body at all. Hidden in the deep innards, biding its time. The fever started spreading. The worst and most terrible thing was the cough and then the feeling that the cough could no longer escape from the body, but also that no new air would enter the vaults of the chest. Panting and squeaking, the wretches craved a glassful of emptiness, but nothing more than a straw-thin stream of life could be gained. Once, twice and nevermore. It hurt, it burned and the eyes bulged. The pour souls turned blue and gasped until life left them and they just slipped out from where they lay into the life after.

A whole region, full of villages, towns and communities suddenly became very quiet. Except for the whimpering cries of the countless children who were left behind and now orphaned.

Because the curse – it must have been sent by a dark and powerful dark summoner, only struck the residents who were of age and made them die miserably, slowly and without chance of survival. Where the curse came from and who brought it over the land, nobody in the land of forgotten runes knows yet.

A few Hoovlecks away...*

“Come here, you old mare!! Jingle-Jangle! Move your hooves. I haven’t got all day. I had a vision, a dream and I have the feeling that an adventure is about and we have be in the midst of it.” cried Tabitha, after finishing her sturdy breakfast of oatmeal and fried egg and stepping outside the door of her cozy litte hut in the swampy Marsh. be continued.

*Refer to the lore of Jingle Jangle the Tranquil


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Entered by: 0x794A…b38E and preserved on chain (see transaction)