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Enchanter Atlanta of the Brambles (#7438)

Owner: 0x9FeC…1456

Wizard #7438 is one of the four Coven Sisters proficient in Earth Magic. Bearer of an Orb Staff, she holds the rare ability to open rifts, allowing her to shift between planes. Like many of her Sisters, she is not native of the Runiverse and originates from Earth, which in part is the reason why she happens to be such a virtuoso in this Rune.

By joining the Coven, she took on the mission to grow the Sisters’ ranks. Using charms and protection spells, she sends her Psychic Rabbit to explore parallel worlds and attract the new recruits to the Coven.

Ever dreamed of a white rabbit or noticed such an animal in an incongruous place ? That was likely a sign from Atlanta. While leaving most wandering, those who hear her call know what needs to be done in such an event : follow the white rabbit.

Entered by: 0x9FeC…1456