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Chaos Mage Miyo of the Wood (#8711)

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Calista's Citadel Police Report - Miyo's Special Wizard Burn Election

Calista’s Citadel Arcane Enforcement Division

Case File: Chaos Mage Miyo of the Wood

Case #: 8711

Section: “Miyo’s Special Burn Election”

Suspect summary:

See sections on Miyo’s origins and overall background. Large portions of her whereabouts and activities prior to the Burn Election are unknown.

Image courtesy of 6maker (@6maker_nft)

Case Summary:

Chaos Mage Miyo orchestrates a “Special Wizard Burn Election” to decide who will pass through a Sacred Flame. The candidates were either volunteers or involuntary captives (although in at least one case, the line was blurred). This case is a subset of the Great Wizard Burning, an ongoing event that has resulted in hundreds of wizards being transformed by Sacred Flames.


Sorcerer Basil of the Berg (#5140)

Met Miyo on the Road to the Blue Wizard Bastion. Fought against Miyo but lost. Subsequently joined Miyo’s group (motive unclear) but eventually demonstrated strong loyalty to Miyo. Eventually becomes 2nd-in-command of the “Miyo’s Boys” organization.

Artificer Damien of the Mist (#2181)

Allegedly waylaid by Chaos Mage Miyo while he was making a journey through the Wood, en route to the Gate to the 7th Realm, eventually becoming the 1st Miyo’s Boy. However, he later escaped and acted as an informant; much of the data in this section comes from information provided by Damien.

Battle Mage Tundror of the Wild

Replacement key holder after Damien left - however, he in turn leaves after a few weeks. We believe it is at this point that Miyo begins to consider Warriors as better candidates for her organization.

Battle Mage Samuel of the Quantum Shadow (#581)

Not much information is available about him, although it appears that he didn’t originally come from the Quantum Shadow, but instead traveled there after an incident with his twin brother. It is unknown how he first met Miyo or why he agreed to help her, but during this incident he helped in securing multiple captives.

Overall Timeline (measured in # of days prior to Burning):

43 days:

Miyo travels towards Gate to the 7th Realm with Damien and Basil, with the intention of opening the Gate (note that this was several months before the Gate was actually opened in an unrelated incident).

38 days:

Miyo learns of the existence of Sacred Flames.

36 days:

Miyo comes up with the idea of a “Special Burn Election” to let the wizarding community determine who deserves to pass through a Sacred Flame.

31 days:

Basil is sent to the Sands to prove his loyalty and procure the first burning candidate.

29 days:

Basil returns with Artificer Fabio of the Sands, the first candidate for the Election.

On the same day, Miyo also procured a Sacred Flame (method unknown).

26 days:

Miyo makes her first appearance at the Wizard’s Tavern (location unknown). She explains her Wizard Election concept, where she introduces a new candidate each week, and at the end the election will determine who gets burned. She left a poster behind to demonstrate the progress of the event (pictured below).

Note: Around this time, there is evidence that Druid Faiz of Arcadia performed a ritual to allow the burn candidates to be summoned to another realm, thereby escaping captivity.

25 days:

Miyo meets with individuals from the “Quantum Shadow” (QS). We are still investigating the phenomenon of the QS, but it appears that Miyo has some type of affiliation with a group linked to it.

24 days:

Miyo reveals to her “Miyo’s Boys” (the name she initially selected for her followers) that she has attempted necromancy spells unsuccessfully in the past. One result of this, is that her right hand is permanently corrupted, and is bandaged as a result. This is a key identifying mark that all Enforcers should keep in mind.

23 days:

A second victim is abducted from a Capital Resources, LLC facility: Archmagus Soran of the Arctic.

Quantum Shadow operatives carried out this kidnapping, although their methods are unknown.

Soon afterward, Miyo presented this newest addition to the “Election” at the Wizard's Tavern.

21 days:

At this time, the first instance of a curious phenomenon was observed. Archmagus Soran, only a couple days after being captured, was able to escape through unknown means. However, monitoring of inter-realm communications suggests that someone may have made use of the summoning magic set up by Druid Faiz:

On the same day, Artificer Damien also left Miyo through similar means:

20 days:

The Quantum Shadow operatives next kidnap Spellsinger Aldus of the Realm to replace Archmagus Soran. A Red Hat wizard was targeted, as Miyo seems to have a specific animosity towards them.

Aldus is a notable spellsinger and father to Alchemist Baozhai of the Wood, who is on the List of Approved Nightshade Vendors. We have recovered a copy of a letter that Aldus sent to Baozhai after being kidnapped.

18 days

Miyo announces that she has procured a 2nd Sacred Flame.

15 days

Artificer Fabio of the Sands escapes Miyo. At the same time, Mystic David of the Quantum Shadow is added to the Election roster. He was apparently offered up by Battle Mage Samuel’s organization.

We discovered a cryptic poem apparently written by David in the Book of Lore. It appears that David was originally from another Realm.

6 days:

Basil is announced as a replacement candidate. At this point, it appears that the increasing notoriety of Miyo and the Burn Election made it difficult to procure more candidates. But Miyo appeared fixated on making the election a reality.

There are (unconfirmed) reports that Basil volunteered for the position - it appears his devotion to Miyo had fully formed by this point.

4 days:

Miyo announces herself as the final Burn Election candidate. Based on her public declarations, it appeared that she believed the flame would transform her into a being of “supreme grandeur” akin to the elite Forgotten Souls that have since emerged into the Runiverse.

At this point, the election had opened. Wizards could visit the Tavern, and through an unknown arcane mechanism, indicate which of the candidates was their choice to burn. Miyo actually included an option to “vote for nobody”, but that proved to be unpopular.

2 days:

We were able to obtain a visual of preliminary results to the election:

Apparently, there were some last-minute changes in the voting, and the result was a tie between Miyo and Aldus.

However, there were some rule-breakers who voted after the stated deadline, and Miyo allowed those to count, resulting in Aldus being selected for the burn.

Day of the Burn:

The agency has received an account of the burning event from Druid Faiz, who observed the event remotely. Veiled Phantasm Aldus of the Ethereal Realm has left our plane and was not available for interview.

Later that day, another unexpected burn happened when Sorcerer Basil, after leaving behind his final thoughts, used Miyo’s other flame. Ethereal Spectre Basil of the Death Cloud is still at Miyo’s side, by all accounts, and should be considered as a Class A spectral threat.

Sidenote: Mystic David of the Quantum Shadow also ended up voluntarily burning himself, and turned into a Lich. Miyo ended up the only “burn candidate” who didn’t burn.

This ends the case notes for the Special Wizard Burn Election. The agency is next building the case file for Miyo’s participation in the Big Potion Corp. incident.

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Chaos Mage Miyo's Theme Song

Song created by DreamEater (Twitter: @Dreameaterism)

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