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Airdropping Warriors

For the last few weeks Magic Machine's warrior mint has been a hot topic within the FRWC Discord. The entire NFT market has been in a slump and warriors were no exception to the overwhelming macro conditions. As time went on, the team and founders pondered and discussed next steps for the warriors. After consideration, on June 5th, and what might have been a surprise to many, the remaining warriors were airdropped to the community.

Discord Screenshot 6/10/22

Christmas had come early, and you would be hard pressed to find a single cult member not ecstatic after "checking their wallet."

Warriors were dropped 1:1 for all warrior holders.

Then, if you held any wizard, you received a free warrior.

In addition, If you wrote lore for you wizard, you received a free warrior.

Cult members flooded to social to share and talk about new warriors and additions to their collection.

Twitter Screenshot 6/10/22

Time and time again Magic Machine delivers on providing storytellers with assets to expand the Runiverse, so go pick up a keyboard, brainstorm for your next story, create some art for your warrior, and/or find some inspiration for your next lore session. The warriors are here to stay and we look forward to what the community will do with all these new founded characters.

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