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Alexis Ohanian, from Final Fantasy to Forgotten Runes

Alexis Ohanian has been a lifelong fan of games such as, Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft, but eventually stopped playing World of Warcraft to focus on the company we all have come to love, Reddit.

Listen to Alexis Ohanian share his thoughts on gaming and Forgotten Runes, follow the link below.

Web3 gaming is the future and continues to grow. Old and new projects pave the way to a new digital forefront. But nothing seemed to capture the same magical nostalgic essence, of the old school RPGs, Alexis Ohanian had come to love--until Forgotten Runes.

So much so, that he not only believes in the vision, community, and project; he backed it.

SEVEN SEVEN SIX has participated in our first funding round for the Forgotten Runiverse. Understanding there is a long way to go in Web3, but Forgotten Runes is on track to making a great and immersive MMORPG. We at Magic Machine couldn't be happier and look forward to everything we can create together!

For further information on the Forgotten Runiverse, read this article.

The Cult, strengthens!



Story featuring Fortune Teller Crackerjack of the Desert, Sage Voidoth of the Ash, and Arcanist Dr. Death of the Ether.