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Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Defimons

Buckle up, Magus Wazir will be taking us on an adventure into the world of Defimons. A captivating world of unique creatures known as “Defimons.” These digital monsters possess their own distinct traits, abilities, and rarities, captivating the imagination of collectors and gamers alike.



Defimons enables players to engage in battles, evolve their creatures, and form strategic alliances. The dynamic nature of Defimone encourages exploration and discovery, fostering an ecosystem where every collector can forge a unique path in their digital realm. For more information follow their Twitter and visit their website!

They recently hosted their alpha, and Forgotten Runes was selected amongst a small batch of groups to not only play, but have a unique playable wizard within the game–none other than our own Magus Wazir.


Like other games in the space, we see Defimons as an opportunity to lean into interoperability and work towards a few of the following. We may also have a special place in our heart for other pixel projects.

Cross-Platform Integration
Potential Crossover NFTs
Expanded Gameplay Possibilities
Connectivity Between Communities



As the space evolves there will be opportunities for Wizards to expand into other games. We hope to make our way into as many as possible! This collaboration represents the potential of convergence of magical realms and interconnected experience that combines the allure of wizards and the mystique of digital monsters.


All our wizards may have pet familiars, but just how many Defimon can you catch?

The Lore of Forgotten Runes Souls

On All Hallow’s Eve, the Great Burning commenced. Over 400 Wizards have stepped to the Flame thus far, and we’ve seen all sorts of abominations return. Let’s go over some of the lore behind these new undead beings that have come to the Runiverse.