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The Guilds of Forgotten Runes

Guilds are functional subgroups within the Cult that collaborate to contribute in unique ways. Through the power of nimble, effective Guilds, the Wizards can combine their affinities for action and create magic for the community.

There are four operational Guilds, which are open to any Wizard holder with the requisite skills:

  • The Art and Lore Guild
  • The Hype Guild
  • The Gathering Guild
  • The Coding Guild

And there are three Guilds for members who own specific Wizards:

  • The Kobald Horde
  • The Sect
  • The Coven

The Operational Guilds

For example, the operational guilds help do things like:

  • Create art and stories for fellow wizards
  • Hire artists for a global, physical street-art (mural) campaign
  • Organize live events (like custom D&D campaigns), irl meetups
  • Build smart contracts and UIs for organizing The Book of Lore, etc.

The Art and Lore Guild helps tell the stories of the Wizards and their world.

The Hype Guild faces outward and tells the others about the Wizards.

The Gathering Guild faces inward and organizes time to bring us together.

The Coding Guild writes the code to make the UI and contracts to interface with the Wizard world.

Guild Member's Principle

A Guild member is a higher level of responsibility than being a Verified Wizard. A Guild member:

  • is helpful to the Wizards around them
  • is a doer, a person of action
  • assumes the best of their fellow Wizard
  • communicates well
  • uses their wisdom in making choices for The Cult
  • takes the lead


The Guilds will be limited to 3 members each to start. In order to let them find their bearings, each Guild will be given a private channel, and they can choose to open it in time.


To qualify for a Guild position, one must be a Verified Wizard. (We may allow unverified collaborators for a time-limited basis when it makes sense, but only Verified Wizards can be full Guild members.)

Details about the Individual Guilds

The Art and Lore Guild

The Art and Lore Guild is for those who wish to write stories, draw pictures, and create animations about Wizards and their world.

The Art and Lore Guild is good fit for you if you:

  • can write stories or poems
  • can animate pixels
  • can 3D model
  • are good with Photoshop, Aseprite, Blender, etc.
  • can paint pictures with words

The Hype Guild

The Hype Guild will be responsible for promotion of the Wizards both online and offline. This includes things like organizing a physical street-art campaign, collaborations with other projects, and organizing merch (shirts, stickers, rugs) etc.

The Hype Guild is a good fit for you if you:

  • like getting the word out
  • have good taste
  • don't mind making phone calls
  • can research and rank bids from different vendors
  • are organized

The Gathering Guild

The Gathering Guild will be responsible for organizing live virtual and irl events that help everyone get to know and spend time with one another in a fun and safe setting.

This includes things like hiring a Dungeon Master to run a custom campaign based on our Wizards, organizing Lore telling nights, and organizing in-person events.

The Gathering Guild is a good fit for you if you:

  • love creating a sense of belonging
  • can coordinate groups of people
  • are mindful of all types of Wizards who may want to attend
  • enjoy crafting delightful experiences for groups of friends

The Coding Guild

The Coding Guild will be responsible for building the website and smart contracts that let Wizards interact on chain.

This includes things like building The Book of Lore, Forgotten Souls, and organizing community knowledge on the website.

The Coding Guild is a good fit for you if you:

  • already know how to program one language at an intermediate language
  • want to get experience in working with live mainnet smart contracts
  • know React and/or Solidity, to some degree

You don't need to be an expert in Solidity to apply to this Guild - there is quite a lot of front-end React/TypeScript development to be done.

To Apply

To apply, 👉 fill out this form 👈

Dotta and/or Elf will reach out to you within a few days.

We have big plans for Forgotten Runes and our powers are stronger together.

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