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Note: this blog post is copied from the House of Wizards' own Notion site. You can find out more here.

The House is where every Wizard, Pony, and Soul has a vote to expand our Runiverse. Together, we will empower cult members with the opportunity, the resources, and the inspiration to nurture their inner wizards.

In order to set up and operate our DAO, there will be a group of Wizards that hold keys to a multisig wallet called the Forgotten Council with the following responsibilities:

  • Act as the community’s representatives to enrich the Runiverse and nurture our Cult. Act as a liaison between the community and Magic Machine. Meeting notes will be published weekly, and there will be a chat channel available for all of your questions, comments, thoughts and feedback.

  • The Forgotten Council multisig will hold the community’s funds and execute actions on behalf of the community for spending below 2 ETH. For anything larger, the Council will put forth proposals to be voted on by the House. It’s the Council’s job to listen to the community on which proposals get put forth.

  • Allocate collected funds to the Ministries, who spend money on behalf of Wizard holders to enhance the community. Its functions may include commissioning art, lore, hosting events, and supporting developers**.**

    • Initially, there will be a single Ministry - the Ministry of Art. It will have the task of efficiently distributing funding and supporting wizard commissions. To start it will have three members of the Forgotten Council as signers on a 2/4 Multisig.

    • In the future we will have more Ministries to better funnel community funds to deserving projects. Some ideas around ministries so far are:

      • Ministry of Development: Funding for development projects and may include retroactive funding

      • Ministry of Meatspace: Funding for IRL things like events, merch, billboards, posters, etc.

      • Ministry of Lore: Funding for larger story arcs that go beyond individual wizards, through mediums like comics, movies, tv shows, games, etc.

      • Ministry of Performing Arts: Funding for music, narration & acting, and wizard interpretive dance!, and more

      If you have ideas or are interested to join any of these Ministries, pls reach out through the #house-of-wizards channel in the FRWC Discord

  • EVENTUALLY - to moderate The Book of Lore

    • The ability to Strike Lore from the Book

    • The ability to add new tokens to the Book (Ponies, Beasts, Warriors)

There will be two snapshot votes to look out for over the next week -

  • The first is regarding a transfer of 20 ETH for Art and Lore commissions for members of the community. If passed, wizards will get a chance to propose different works of art, to be spent by April 15, 2022.

  • The second is to transfer 10 ETH for us to hire a community DAO scribe for the next 6 months.

What is Snapshot? - Snapshot( is a gas-less voting portal where users can sign votes that are tallied according to programmable strategies. This allows projects to allocate voting power to token holders with different weights. In the House of Wizards, every Wizard will be granted 2 votes, every pony 4 votes and every forgotten soul 8 votes. As the unreleased collections come to life, Warriors will have 1 vote and Beasts will be allocated 50 votes each.

What is the DAO scribe? - We understand that we are building trust with the community and want to be as communicative and transparent as possible. We would like to bring in someone who can help with communication, managing the chat channel and feedback loop, balancing and publishing the accounting ledger, publishing meeting notes from committee meetings, etc.

And lastly - who are the members of the Forgotten Council!

  • Bambam: The busy wizzy is a producer of immersive experiences currently bringing New Tokyo to life with 10KTF. Forever an experience junky, music lover, FRCW lore nerd, and bad emotional investor.

  • Dotta: The iconic former orange Plushie - a.k.a - Co-creator of the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult

  • Jitcy: When he's not spreading joy and positivity in the discord channel - Jitcy is an esports director aimed at helping individuals understand and complete the path to pro, within esports. Homebase is the FRWC Discord; He is in the NFT space for community, digital identity, P2E games, and storytelling across multiple NFT projects.

  • Madotsuki: Web3 community manager for multiple projects. Love collecting art and collectively building big things with others. Huge otaku who spent way too long neck-deep in Japanese related hobbies. Love mushrooms of all varieties, whether delectable or enlightening. If I cook a dish for you, you’ll bet I incorporated a mushroom in it somehow.

  • MagusWazir: Bell ringer, Dreammaster, Memelord. Here to help build a positive and creative culture centered around community instead of floor price.

  • Meph: The Wizard who Saved the Babies! Developer focused on Smart Contracts, Token economics and Decentralised incentive models. Worked with multiple DAO projects across DeFi, P2E and NFTs. Enjoys doing Archery, playing Skyrim and listening to Heavy Metal.

  • Retired Yield Farmer: Jack of all trades with experience in product, bizdev, investing, and more recently content publishing and other entrepreneurial pursuits in the NFT space.

  • Slickchick: TradFi/International Banking Native (16 years). Here for the disruption! Spends half her time on a plane and the other half eating her way through Asia and California.

  • Tv: Creator of the incredible wizard's marketplace. When not constantly developing for the cult TV is making music, playing video games, or... developing for his day job.

How to Learn More

The Forgotten Council has created a group of detailed documentation about the organization which you can find here.

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