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Release the Beast!

On April 12, 2022, the Gate to the 7th Realm will open.

This event will mark the entry of the first Beast into the Runiverse, and is composed of three separate phases:

🔑 Phase 1: Unlocking the Gate:

There are 21 Locks on the Gate. Each lock requires the power of a Wizard with a Key and a Wizard with a Spell. Souls with these same properties will work too.

The first Wizard will visit The Gate, connect their crypto wallet to sign a message (gas free), and be given a URL. This Wizard should send that URL to a trusted partner.

The partner Wizard (who should own the necessary Key or Spell) will submit the transaction (costs gas) and BOTH Wizards will receive a ✨special NFT✨ as a reward!

Keep in mind:

•Only interact with people you trust, check that the URL is

•Offer to help your partner pay for gas

•Know that your partnership will be written in the Book of Lore.

Unlocking the Gate happens only once. 21 Locks mean 21 pairs of Wizards perform this task (and collectively receive a set of 42 total NFTs).

When the last lock is unlocked, the first Beast will emerge from the Gate and kickoff the first auction.

🦁 Phase 2: Beast Auctions:

There are a total of 7 Beasts in Season 1. Each Beast will be up for auction for 24 hours, thus 7 days of Beast auctions. ANYONE can bid on a Beast (you don’t have to have a spell, a key, or even a Forgotten Runes NFT to bid.)

The auction for each Beast will run for 24 hours. If a bid is made in the last 15 minutes, the auction will be extended. A bid must increase the previous bid by at least 5%.

The funds for Beasts Season 1 are split 50/50 between Magic Machine and the House of Wizards DAO multisig.

When an auction ends and a Beast is claimed, the next auction will begin. This will continue until all 7 Beasts of Season 1 are complete.

🐣 Phase 3: Beast Spawn:

After a Beast auction is complete, that Beast will emit ✨Spawn.✨ (this means the first Beast Spawn is expected on Wednesday evening).

Every day at midnight UTC, a random set of Wizard/Soul IDs are eligible to mint a Spawn NFT. There are a maximum of 42 Spawn per Beast, which means the total Spawn in this collection is 294. (7 x 42 = 294). Each Wizard/Soul can mint only one Spawn per Beast. You must claim your Spawn within the time period, otherwise your slot will be allocated to someone else at the next rotation.

You can unlock the Gate, bid on Beasts, and/or claim your Spawn at which will be live on April 12, 2022.

On the 7th day, (April 19th) the Gate will close. From that day forth, 7 Legendary Beasts, along with their Spawn, will roam the Runiverse.

Keys and Pyramids

Commissions for Wizard Art

Our community has a vibrant culture of creating artwork from their Wizards. This document is a directory of folks who take commissions to create artwork of the Wizards