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Metaverse-ready 3D for Forgotten Wizards

Forgotten Runes Wizards are not just a single NFT image, but an entire character that can be represented in any expression.

3D Rig

We've already released full 2D walkcycles for all 10,000 unique Wizards.

Today we're happy to announce that every Wizard (and Warrior!) will come with a free, fully-rigged, game-engine ready, metaverse-ready 3D avatar of their character.

What does it mean to be "rigged"?

Rigging is the technique in 3D animation where a skeleton is attached to a 3D model. It's what allows animators to animate the model using "bones" in a way that looks natural.

What does it mean to be "game-engine ready"?

It means that the the model is optimized and skillfully built to run within games with good performance characteristics.

Many of the projects you see advertising "metaverse-ready" models are completely misrepresenting what they're offering. High-polygon, unoptimized models will not run well on mobile devices and games where high performance is needed.

Our collection, on the other hand, is carefully designed to have the perfect number of polygons and will run in game engines like Unity, Unreal, or Godot perfectly.

When will these be complete?

The Wizards model collection should be complete in Q4 2022.

How do I get my models?

When they're complete, you'll be able to download your models, textures, and rigs from your Wizard's page in the Book of Lore Goodies.

Where can I use my avatar?

You'll be able to use your avatar in any of our supported partner metaverses. As a Wizard holder you also are granted commercial rights to the character in your NFT, which means you're free to use your model wherever you'd like: in animations, in games, etc.

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