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Metaverse-ready Walkcycles for Forgotten Runes Wizards

Walk around with 10,000 Forgotten Runes Wizards with our new walkcycle spritesheets

Owning a Forgotten Runes Wizard NFT is more than the original 50x50 pixels: it's ownership of a character, and now that character can come to life in any pixel-art metaverse.

Today, we're releasing 10,000 unique walkcycle spritesheets, one for every Wizard in the collection.

We've created an open API so that Wizards can exist in any metaverse or game that chooses to support them.

If you're developer, read to the end of this post for details on how you can integrate these sprites into your game.

How to Use the Walk Cycles


Forgotten Runes Wizards are already available for use in the WORLDWIDE WEBB Metaverse.

Book of Lore Files

If you'd like to make derivative art, you can find the individual frames for your Wizard by going to your Wizard's page in the Book of Lore and clicking the download link. You can read more about the Wizard Goodies here

Walkcycle Bot

Thanks to community member SorcererIlyas "spz" has created a Discord bot that shows an animated gif of your wizard walking. Just use the

!walk :wizardId command in our discord

What is a "Spritesheet"?

A spritesheet is a sequence of images that depicts animation of a character. If a character walks forward, backward, left, and right we need frames of animation for each direction. Here's the walk spritesheet for Wild Mage Lumos of the Hollow

Even accounting for duplicate frames, that is still a lot of art for one simple walk!

And we've created walkcycles for all 10,000 unique Wizards in the entire collection.


If you're a developer and you want to integrate these sprites into your app or game, you can find the images by using a URL of the following structure:

Where you replace the :wizardId with the ID of the Wizard you want. For example. You can find Wild Mage Lumos of the Hollow (#44)s spritesheet at:

If you'd like a JSON file specifying the locations of the various frames and animation cycles, you can file it at the following URL:

Again, you can find Wild Mage Lumos of the Hollow (#44)s spritesheet metadata at:

The format of this file is an Asesprite formatted spritesheet. It's a common format that is supported by JavaScript game frameworks like Phaser.

Phaser Game Demo Example

If you're a dev, here's an example of how to use our spritesheets inside a Phaser game. (Note these world assets aren't from Forgotten Runes, they're "stock" assets from Tuxemon).

You can see the source here.

Or try your own wizard by clicking here and changing the wizard ID in the URL

Q & A

Q: Are there walkcycles for Forgotten Souls.

A: Not yet, but they will be created eventually.


This was a massive effort by Elf and some artist Wizards who contributed to the project.

Huge props to Elf who drew all of the heads and initial turnarounds for all wizards.

We also have contributions of artwork by:

Thank you so much for your help.


The walkcycle spritesheets allow Forgotten Runes Wizards to live in any 2D metaverse, and they're just our first step to making Wizards metaverse ready.

Grab your spritesheets, build a game, make some animations, and we'll see you in the metaverse.

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