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How to access Wizard Goodies

Forgotten Runes Wizards come with all kinds of extras, beyond the NFT itself. Many of these extras come from our team, and some come from our cult members.

The Basic Assets

The first batch of goodies you may want to access are the basic parts that make up your Wizard (head, body, familiar, etc). You can download these art assets by going to the Book of Lore and finding your Wizard's page. In this example, we are using Wizard #1945, Mystic Silas of Xanadu.

When flipping through the book of Lore, you’ll notice some icons in the bottom left. By clicking the Download Icon

Download button

The Download Icon will give you a zip file containing all the pixel art for the Wizard. You’ll get the Wizards separate parts (head, body, familiar, prop, etc), the Wizard with transparent background, a sepia toned version of the Wizard, and a full turnaround of the Wizard.

Goodies Files Screenshot

Another fun thing is a sprite sheet containing the full walk cycle of your Wizard.

Silas spritesheet

You will also notice that you received 3 different resolutions of your Wizard: 50x50, 400x400, and 1024x1024. The 50x50 are the easiest to edit in a pixel editor like Aseprite or Photoshop, but the larger resolutions are easier to display on Twitter or other social media. You can also edit the 50x50, and then enlarge them before export. (In Photoshop, be sure to enlarge with Nearest neighbour).

The URL trick

Maybe the easiest way to access these elements is to simply copy paste this url:

into the URL bar. The only trick here is you’ll need to know the serial number of the Wizard you want to access. The above example is for Wizard number 1945, but if you want a different number, replace the 1945 with the desired number. So if you want Wizard #32, simply put into the URL bar.


You my also notice this icon under the Book of Lore

phone icon

By clicking this, you can access artwork to use as wallpaper for all your devices!



Wiz Bots!

The wiz bots were created by our very own spz, aka Sorcerer Ilyas. To access the Wiz Bots, follow these steps:

1. Join our Discord!

2. Go into the #wiz-bots channel

3. Type in a command followed by your Wizard number

For example, let's use Adept Carly of the Wood who's id number is 32. To make her say GM, type:

!gm and the wizard id number like this:

!gm 32

And you'll get this:

GM Wizard

Here are all the commands currently available:

  • !gm wizid (An image of your Wizard saying GM)

  • !pic wizid (Original Wizard NFT artwork)

  • !mug wizid (Mugshot of wizard with randomized background and frame)

  • !walk wizid (Animated Wizard walk cycle)

Wiz Walk
  • !fam wizid (Animated Wizard and familiar walk cycle right)

  • !famr wizid (Animated Wizard and familiar walk cycle left)

Familiar Walk
  • !walkfam wizid (Animated familiar walk cycle)

  • !mount wizid ponyid (Mount a wizard on a Pony)

  • !rip wizid (In memorandum)

  • !lore wizid (Link to wizard lore)

  • !flame (Sacred Flame info)

  • !d20 (Roll 20 sided dice)

  • !dice (Roll any-sided dice)

  • !ponywalk ponyid (show a pony walking)

  • !ponyride wizid ponyid (see a wiz riding a pony)


  • !sponyride soulid ponyid (see a soul riding a pony)

  • !say wizid any phrase (see Wizard saying something)

Wiz talk

If you don't know the serial number of your Wizard, just go to their page on OpenSea, click open the Stats, and there it is:

How to find wizard number screenshot

We would also like to credit ozzz for the artwork involved in the memorandum and mugshot bots.


The Forgotten Runes Team and our Cult members will be adding lots more goodies in the future. In the meantime, have fun with these Wizard extras! Feel free to share them to your socials to let other Wizards know you're in the Cult!

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