How to access all the extra Wizard goodies

Forgotten Runes Wizards come with all kinds of extras, beyond the NFT itself. This guide will show you how to access your Wizard’s art, turnarounds of that Wizard, the GM generator, and many other upcoming treats such as walk cycles.

Forgotten Runes Wizards come with all kinds of extras, beyond the NFT itself. Many of these extras come from our team, and some come from our cult members.

To get the extras from our team, which currently includes all the wizard oarts (head, body, familiar, etc) in 3 different resolutions, full turnarounds, and a GM generator, use one of these 3 methods below:

The Book of Lore method

When flipping through the book of Lore, you’ll notice 4 icons in the bottom left. For the purposes of this guide, we'll focus on the GM and the Download button. In this example, we are using Wizard #1945, Mystic Silas of Xanadu.

Clicking on the GM button will display Mystic Silas saying GM.

To use this on your social media, simply take a screengrab of it! You can also drag and drop these elements to your desktop. Now be sure to post this to all your Twitter followers when you wake up! (If you don't know, “GM” is a popular top-of-the-morning greeting in the NFT space.)

The Download Icon will give you a zip file containing all the pixel art for the Wizard. You’ll get the Wizards separate parts (head, body, familiar, prop, etc), the Wizard with transparent background, a sepia toned version of the Wizard, and a full turnaround of the Wizard. In the future, the Wizard walk cycles will appear here too.

Additionally, you’ll receive 3 different resolutions of the Wizard: 50x50, 400x400, and 1024x1024. The 50x50 are the easiest to edit in a pixel editor like Aseprite or Photoshop, but the larger resolutions are easier to display on Twitter or other social media. You can also edit the 50x50, and then enlarge them before export. (In Photoshop, be sure to enlarge with Nearest Neighbor).

There is a gallery of all 10k Wizards on the website, sitting right under the Book of Lore. Many of these Wizards do not have Lore written about them yet, but you can still access their parts. Simply click on one to access the download button.

The URL method

Maybe the easiest way to access these elements is to simply copy paste this URL:

into the URL bar. The only trick here is you’ll need to know the serial number of the Wizard you want to access. The above example is for Wizard number 1945, but if you want a different number, replace the 1945 with the desired number. So if you want Wizard #32, simply put into the URL bar.


Extra goodies from our Cult members

One of the best things about the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult is that our Cult members are very passionate, creative and always contributing amazing things to the community.

Mugshot Bot

One such thing is the Mugshot Bot. This fun tool was coded by spz @SorcererIlyas, with artwork by ozzz @ozzzmabro.

To use this fun tool and get a "mugshot" of your Wizard, simply follow these steps:

  1. Join our Discord!

  2. Go into the #wiz-bots channel

  3. Type !mugshot [your wizard number] into the chat. For example, if your Wizards serial number is #32, type in !mugshot 32

    When you type this in and press Enter, your Wizard in a beautiful frame should immediately pop up! You can now use this image wherever you want!

If you don't know the serial number of your Wizard, just go to their page on OpenSea, click open the Stats, and there it is:

BONUS: You can also type in !gif [wizard number], !gifbig [wizard number], or !pic [wizard number] to get a gif turnaround or a simple image of your wizard. Have fun!


The Forgotten Runes Team and our Cult members will be adding lots more goodies in the future. In the meantime, have fun with these Wizard extras! We can’t wait to see what you do with them!