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A Tapestry of Endless Exploration

Forgotten Runes and Lost Realms both represent the next frontier in blockchain community and social gamification, blending captivating storytelling, characters, and player-driven experiences throughout digital mediums. That being said, Lost Realms continues to pave the way in special engagement with their audience through their Discord and Twitter account, shrouded in mystery and adventure in whatever they do!

With our interconnected nature and shared passion for community, Forgotten Runes and Lost Realms partnered up to become one of a handful of projects to join their world early on–weaving a tapestry of endless exploration and possibilities for future endeavors.


What became the "King’s Oath" is the first collection in their multi-act experience. In Act 1, they set up the core storytelling and framework for their entertainment world. Includes the following:


-Genesis PFP
-Interactive Adventure System
-On-Chain, Gamified Mechanics
-New Story Medium

They used this as a strong jumping-off point to dive into their lore and put their community on a journey that is as deep as it is mysterious, which led to Act 2: The Great Summoning.


"Our long-term vision is to build native entertainment brands leveraging Web3 principles. It starts with a cohesive community that has unprecedented ownership over the universe and product experience." - Lost Realms

We couldn’t agree more. For more information on their project, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord.

At Magic Machine, we love stories; they are the fabric of our community and project, so when other projects lean heavily into storytelling with "Web3 principles," we can usually be found nearby. Cross IP opens up the stories we can tell, what the Lost Realms community can tell, and so much more. We are excited to see what stories will be told with characters from both worlds.


So, gather your courage, put on your wizard’s robes, and make claim to your kingdom’s crown–your adventure awaits in the realms of both Forgotten Runes and Lost Realms.

On-chain Encoding of Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult

The 10,000 Wizards pixels, names, and data are fully reproducible from on-chain data. This post explains why it's important, how it works, how to retrieve your NFTs forever.