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Gilded Warriors

It is no secret, The Secret Forge is open and wizards have been foraging legendary weapons. The upgrade to their weapons is no small feat, and requires precious metal and a little !magic, to get you one.

Any warrior can use a combination of a lock from The Gate to the Seventh Realm and a Sacred Flame, a hefty ask, but for one of the first forged weapons in the Runiverse... a small price to wield such power.

Each lock has one of two forms, Quantum or Gold, and associated with one spell.

  1. Thor's Wrath: the Lightning Spell

  2. Kelpie's Fury: the Water Spell

  3. Dryad's Ear: the Planet Spell

  4. Dwarves' Heart: the Diamond Spell

  5. The Gnome's Tooth: the Earth Spell

  6. Aphrodite's Heart: the Love Spell

  7. Grim Reaper's Breath: the Black Flame Spell

  8. Howl of Cerberus: the Black Flame Spell

  9. Loki's Bridge: the Rainbow Spell

  10. Odin's Despair: the Dark Cloud Spell

  11. Seraphim's Touch: the Life Spell

  12. The Everlasting Supreme Love Spell

  13. Zephyr's Laugh: the Wind Spell



Once you have acquired the required materials, you can hop on over to the forge and proceed. You will find the best blacksmith in all The Runiverse awaiting you to begin your journey!


We have already seen a multitude of warriors heed the call, forging weapons with a variety of spells and look. This band of warriors grows stronger by the day; there action spoken of across all of The Runiverse, Discord, and Twitter.

View them all here, as of 10/7/2022.
(Update Opensea filter, if needed.)



Not only are these weapons some of the most powerful in The Runiverse--they help tell your lore, your story, creation of character, and made for some really great curated experiences from our cult!

Video courtesy of MyFi Studio

What is next for the legendary warriors and their weapons? Guess you will just have to find out, if you haven't, join our Discord and come ask us any questions you might have.



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