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One Free Warrior for Every Wizard Holder That Wrote in The Book of Lore

The point of Forgotten Runes is to build a collaborative legendarium: a collective world of stories and characters that will become a beloved global narrative.

We're developing a show, a video game, comics, and a host of other expressions and drawing from The Book of Lore is an anchor of these projects. We're world-building together and The Book of Lore is the creative hub of our community.

Cult Content

We love Cult Content and to reward those who contribute, we're giving 1 free Warrior mint to each qualifying account that holds a token that wrote in the Book of Lore before Ethereum block 14622735, which is approximately 3:45pm UTC on April 20th, 2022.

(This includes Wizards, Souls, and Pony holders who have Lore.)

To qualify:

You MUST register with premint here with the wallet that holds your wizard that has Lore by Friday May 6th. (If you qualify, do it now.)

Questions and Answers:

Q: When do I get my mint?

A: After Phase 3 of the Sale you will be able to claim your mint. You will have 24 hours to claim. Please review the Mintonomics post for details on the Phases.

Q: If I wrote 2+ Lore do I get 2+ Warriors?

A: No, it's one per account that holds a token that has Lore

Q: Do I have to be the original author of the Lore?

A: No. If you hold a token that has Lore, you qualify (as long as you register).

Q: I moved my Wizard/Soul/Pony to a cold wallet after I wrote Lore, is that a problem?

A: It's no problem as long as you register on premint with the same wallet-address that is currently holding your token.

Q: Can I write Lore now and qualify for a free Warrior mint?

A: No. The snapshot was taken at block 14624710. We're not trying to encourage "airdrop"-Lore, the act of creation should be earnest.

Q: Can I buy a Wizard/Soul/Pony that has Lore and qualify?

A: No. The snapshot has been taken.

Q: What if someone is trying to "game" the system by unfairly splitting wallets?

A: We'll be checking for unfair behavior and filtering it out

Q: What if someone wrote "junk" / spammy Lore? Does that count?

A: No, we'll be manually reviewing filtering "spam" Lore from this airdrop. We realize this is subjective and so we'll be transparent and publish a list of the excluded Lores.

Qualifying addresses will be able to mint their free Warrior after the 3rd and final Public phase of the mint. Again, you must register with to qualify, so please do that as soon as possible.

Click here to register with premint.

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