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Upcoming Milestones

Forgotten Runes Upcoming Milestones

TV Show Development: Show Runner and Writers

In Progress!

We have been making incredible progress on this front. At the time of writing, we have nearly signed a deal with an incredibly talented show runner. More details to be announced...

Pony Walk cycles

April 1st

The Forgotten Runes Ponies set loose from the Elysian Fields on Christmas Eve of 2021. Now, you see your Wizard riding your Pony with a fully animated walk cycle! How cute is that? Check out this blog post on how to access walking ponies (along with many other goodies)

Pony Walks

Forgotten Runiverse Land Sale

Around June

Forgotten Runiverse is our upcoming blockchain based game. We will be selling plots of land to the public around this time. Read more about this upcoming game here!


Release the Beast!

April 12

This seminal event marks the first opening of the Gate to the Seventh Realm. From this gate, 7 Beasts will be released, one per day, for 7 days. Each Beast will be available to the public for a 24 hour auction. 

But how will the Gate open? So far, we know that Wizards with keys will be required…

Beast Silhouette

(BTW, you do not need a key to bid on a Beast. Once the Gate is open, anyone in the world can make an offer!)

Animated Piece with Titmouse

May 9

The long awaited release of our fully animated trailer with Titmouse Studios will finally debut. Though this 1.5 minute trailer is pure !magic, it’s only the first taste of larger studio projects Magic Machine has cooking.


Warriors Drop

May 11

Before the Runiverse, there were the Wizards, and the Wizards filled the world with !MAGIC

But in the distance, a deep and mighty power is rumbling. A rally cry, that was faint in the beginning, will now be heard loud and defiant...

The Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild has arrived and they are ready to show the world their !MIGHT

Forgotten Runes Warriors Preview

Comic Book

June 20

Issue #0 of Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult debuts. This will be a FREE, physically printed, full color, 30 page comic! It will contain many stories, surprises, and will offer cover variants as free NFTs. There will be many ways to get your hands on a copy, but joining us at NFT.NYC will be the best way.

comic preview

Forgotten Runiverse Beta Launch

Around July

Wizards will be able to walk through the first digitized lands of the Runiverse. Build, battle, craft, and socialize with all your !magic friends!

runiverse art

Metaverse Ready 3D Wizards

July 31

Wizards traverse the 2nd dimension into the 3rd. With full 3D rigs, Wizards can now walk through the door to upcoming 3D metas!

3D Rig

Magic Machine Partners with Titmouse on Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult Animated Show

We're partnering with Titmouse to develop and produce The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult show